How to use the MPPP Parking coupons in Penang

After a few false starts the MPPP (Municipal Council of Penang ) is finally in operation.  As Penang Momma put it, I hope you enjoyed your one month of free parking in Georgetown because the officials are out there looking for parking violations now.  Tweets were going the first day of operation warning people to get the coupons on their dashboards.


Here’s a quick How To guide for using the system.

Buying the cards

I stopped in the Caltex in Tanjung Bungah and they said “Yes we have them, but the guy who sells them is not here.” I was told that most 7-eleven outlets would have the cards. That was bad information, as I popped into two different 7-elevens and they did not. Fortunately, the Happy Mart next door did have them.

The first time I bought them they came in packs of green and orange tickets for RM 6. The Green coupons are worth RM.40 and are good for 30 minutes of parking. The Orange coupons are worth RM 0.80 and are good for an hour.

The orange and green MPPP Parking Coupons

The second time I bought these tickets it cost me RM 4 and it had 10 green tickets. I think that’s actually better for most people.

Scratch the date and time

Using a coin or a key, or if situations warrant it, your fingernail, scratch off the year, month, day, hour and minute. The card says that if you make a mistake during this time you forfeit that particular card. I have made a mistake with my card once. I scratched the wrong hour. I risked it and scratched off another hour mark. Now I didn’t get a parking citation, but perhaps I should have been wiser and thrown away that particular card.

If you are using multiple cards, scratch off times that are appropriate. So, if you are parking at noon, and you’ll stay for 2 hours, scratch off 1pm on the second card.

Place MPPP Parking Coupon on the dashboard inside the car

Placement of MPPP Parking Coupon

Once you’ve scratched off the right times and dates on your parking coupon, put them on your dashboard in front of your steering wheel, where the parking attendant can come by and inspect it. If you have more than one parking coupon make sure they are all visible from outside. Then lock your car.

When the time is up on those coupons, they are done; invalid. You can’t reuse them. You’ll just have to throw them away.

If you forget and get a citation

The fines are paid at KOMTAR in Georgetown. The cost of a single parking citation is RM 30, but someone told me that you can get it down to RM 15 if you show up in the first seven days of the ticket.

Since the cost is both time and money, it seems like it would be better to just use the RM 0.80 parking coupons rather than have to go downtown to settle a violation.

Anyone had to go pay? How was your experience?