Free Kindle ebooks about Travel [Updated]- Jan 15, 2013

One of the things I do regularly is check to see what books are available for free on Kindle. Today I noticed two free kindle travel ebooks that might be of interest to Living in Penang readers.
[update: these books are no longer free]
Please note: these free promotions are provided by the publisher and are often for a very limited time — sometimes just a few hours. Please check to make sure that the kindle book is still free before you hit Buy-it-now.

I plan on doing another post some day about the wonders and joys of having a ebook reader. It has eased some of the drawbacks of traveling overseas.

You Can Travel Free

Publication Date: December 4, 2012

This is an easy to read, action packed booklet that will show you how you too can travel free. Dr. Joe T. White, a highly published author and experienced world traveler will walk you through all of the details. You will learn step by step how to put together a group of friends and relatives and travel to the places where you have only read about and dreamed about.

Travel Money Guide: Dollars, Rupiah & Sense – Budget Travel For Real People(Non-Boring Travel Guides)

Publication Date: October 17, 2012 The Non-Boring Travel Money Guide: Dollars, Rupiah and Sense Want to travel the world but don’t think you are rich enough? Here’s an insider trick, you don’t need to be rich to travel. I’ve traveled my entire life, and never been “rich” in any normal definition of the word.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy This Book If you have fixed ideas about how you travel, if the thought of taking the road less-traveled (metaphorically and physically) horrifies you, then skip this book. If you want 99 bland and generic tips on how to save money while traveling, well you might as well just skip on by as well.
If you don’t have a sense of humor you’re probably find this book irritating.
If you are still reading, you may be surprised to discover that: The Non-Boring Travel Money Book even has some useful information if you are interested in:

how to set a realistic budget for your next trip, including the single most important factor that determines your trip’s cost (hint: it’s not the stars of the hotels or the length of the trip);

how to save money and actually achieve that target budget;

how to set-up your financial life to manage your money on the road efficiently and cheaply;

tips and tricks on how to travel for free! (Well not really, but to travel for no more than you?d spend staying at home, that is possible).

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Visa on Arrival

Tourist pass

One of the things that is great about living in Penang is that there is the opportunity to “try it out” first with a Tourist Visa or a Tourist Pass.  It isn’t called a Visa on Arrival but in essence it is one.  This is a visa that you can get right at the airport after you land, without having had to apply for it in your home country before you left.  Officially the Visa on Arrival program was discontinued in 2010.

Not every country is eligible for the Tourist Pass, but the US, Commonwealth nations, and ASEAN countries can get them.

Most folks get a 90-day pass.  Occasionally, and without a discernible pattern, we have seen some people get a 30-day stamp.  Both have been free.


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