Labuan Off Shore Company: Why

This is the second post in this series about forming a Labuan Off Shore Business. The first one talked about my own experience registering my own Labuan Off Shore Company. Read more…

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How to Incorporate a Labuan Offshore Company

Last week, I finally incorporated the company Aha Moments Inc.  This is the Labuan Offshore company to which I am going to be shifting this blog and the other websites that I’ve been working on.  Read more…

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Visa on Arrival

Tourist pass

One of the things that is great about living in Penang is that there is the opportunity to “try it out” first with a Tourist Visa or a Tourist Pass.  It isn’t called a Visa on Arrival but in essence it is one.  This is a visa that you can get right at the airport after you land, without having had to apply for it in your home country before you left.  Officially the Visa on Arrival program was discontinued in 2010.

Not every country is eligible for the Tourist Pass, but the US, Commonwealth nations, and ASEAN countries can get them.

Most folks get a 90-day pass.  Occasionally, and without a discernible pattern, we have seen some people get a 30-day stamp.  Both have been free.


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