Pay Penang Parking Ticket online

Once again, I’m revisiting an old post from years ago.  Times change and things improve.  Years ago I wrote about paying for the different parking tickets downtown.  Since that time, the City Council of Penang Island, started a new scratch-off parking coupon system.  (Recently the City Council’s Malay acronym changed from MPPP to MBPP because of a status upgrade from a municipality to a city).  When the new parking ticket system went into effect, the payment window was only in Georgetown, in KOMTAR.  Now, the tickets do list other payment options, like mailing in a check.  What it doesn’t list is the online payment options. So here they are for your information.  

MBPP-logo-300x167[1]Don’t go looking to pay for your parking ticket on the day you get the ticket.  It takes about a week for the ticket to enter the system and be available for online payment.  Remember you have fourteen days to pay RM 15 and after that it doubles to RM 30.

MBPP parking ticket payment online

If you get a ticket on the island, you will have a ticket that says it is an MBPP, Penang Island violation.  For these parking tickets, visit the City Council for Penang Island website.  The instructions are in Malay, but here’s what you need to know.

  1. Search for your ticket by entering your License Plate number.  That’s the No. Kendaraan.  In Penang that will be 3-letters starting with P and 4-digits.
  2. It should come up with your car and ticket, if you’ve given it enough time to enter the system.  Click on “Bayar” which means Pay.
  3. Choose a payment option.
    1. You can pay by bank debit
    2. or credit card
  4. Complete the transaction online with your bank or credit card.
  5. Wait for confirmation.  Remember that your transaction isn’t done until that last “Confirm” click.  I’ve been fooled by this a few times.

There is a surcharge of RM 0.53 on my RM 15 parking ticket when I paid through my bank.  I figured I would have spent four times as much just parking in KOMTAR.  At least.

MPSP parking ticket payment online

If you get a parking ticket on the mainland, say at the Immigration Office, you need to visit a different website.  This one is for the Seberang Perai Municipal Council, or MPSP.  The process is pretty much the same, but for some reason the terms are translated differently on this website.  So first visit the MPSP parking coupon payment web site.

  1. On this website you can search by your car plate number as well.  Here it is called the “No. Pendaftaran Kereta”, Car registration number.  It is still the 3-letter 4-digit license plate on the front and back of your car.
  2. Payment options are the same.  Go through the online payment screens of your bank or credit card.
  3. Again I remind you to get to the final confirmation screen where you can print a receipt before you quit the transation.

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