Trendy Lovey: new kid shop at Straits Quay

I recently got to know Daniel Sun at Trendy Lovey while walking through Straits Quay in Tanjung Tokong.  It’s a new children’s toy shop with some pretty neat new toys.  There’s also a snow sand play area for younger tots and a ping pong table for older ones.  trendy lovey_flyer_v1

My children were completely fascinated by the toys on display.  The littler ones gravitated towards the flashy noisy riding toys.  There are a pair of Ferraris that they can drive around.  Daniel let my children go for a test drive out into the mall.  The passers-by were probably equally drawn to the flashing lights as the bright smiles on my kids faces.

My older one got to test drive a radio-controlled car that drives on the wall.  It uses some kind of vacuum suction technology that makes it stick.  It is pretty slick.  I looked at the battery needs.  Looks like the car itself has a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery but the controller runs on AA.

We didn’t try out the sand area, but will do that on another day.  It cost RM 10 per kid per entry.  He didn’t say how long they could stay in.

On the shelves are also some wooden puzzles and other educational toys.  There are also kid sized suitcases, along the Trunki vein.

They keep getting new stock and will be fun to see what else they get.

I hope you get a chance to drop in and let him know you heard about him from Living in Penang.