List of International Schools in Penang

One of my goals for this website is to provide a resource for those who are looking at Penang as a possible place to live.  To that end, here is a list of the international schools that are here on the island.  I have no association with any of these schools, other than being friends with some teachers and parents at some of them.  If any representatives from these institutions want, please contact me and I can give your school some more space here on this website. I just finished a Complete List of International Schools in Kuala Lumpur post.  I found 45 schools.  There isn’t another list online that has more than 30. My children are homeschooled, but we do have friends who go to several of these schools listed below.  We are also members of the Dalat’s Distance Learning Resource Center, which, for a fee, gives us access to Dalat’s library system and after school program.

Dalat International School

American Christian International school accredited through ACSI and WASC.  Located in Tanjung Bungah.  Offers boarding for students.

International School Penang (Uplands)

British curriculum International school accredited through the International Baccalaureate and Cambridge International Exams.  Located in Batu Ferringhi.

St. Christopher’s International Primary School

Primary school based on the British education system.  Located in the Gurney/Pulau Tikus area.

Pelita International School

Cambridge International Education based system.  This is the international school part of a larger system with other schools around Penang.

Tenby International School

Cambridge based education with more Malaysian influence.  Tenby International School shares a campus with the Malaysian private school, with both schools together called the Tenby Schools.  The wikipedia page for Tenby is interesting, especially if you read down to the Faculty section.

Fairview International School

Kuala Lumpur based school with a Penang campus located in Bukit Jambul.  International Baccalaureate based education.

Prince of Wales Island International School

Located on the west side of the island, close to Balik Pulau, Prince of Wales opened in 2011.  They do have a bus system that picks up students from all over the island, as well as having brand new dormitory facilities for boarding students.  Cambridge based education, they are part of the Council of British International Schools.

Straits International School

Kuala Lumpur based school with a Penang campus.  Located in the south part of the island, closer to the airport.  British curriculum based education and brand new in 2012, they have been offering open houses periodically this year.