George Town Heritage Celebrations

Georgetown World Heritage Site

In 2008, UNESCO declared the city of George Town, Penang to be a World Heritage Site giving it status as an important cultural nexus.  Every year, 7 July is a Public Holiday in Penang State to celebrate the anniversary of the declaraion.  There is an organization called the George Town World Heritage Inc that organizes events throughout the year promoting and preserving  the culture and the history of George Town.  The pinnacle of the year is the Heritage Day celebrations which will be on the 6th and 7th of July.

This year, the George Town World Heritage Inc has produced a very nice brochure that you can find on their website.  It has a beautiful map of the events and the calendar is color coded for Traditional Crafts and Cultural Talks.

My family is all about the hands on activities, as you can tell from all our field trips.  I think we’re going to visit as many of the handicraft workshops as we can.

We’re also about the food too, and we love Penang food.  So you might find us sampling Penang’s delicious delights.

Just a word about parking, expect parking to be difficult to find, and don’t forget to use the parking vouchers.