Vehicle Road Tax

Every year you’ll need to pay your road tax at the Post Office.   Before doing that, you’ll need to pay your car insurance.  The Post Office will check their computer to confirm that your insurance is paid before you can pay your road tax.

If all the slots for stamps showing that you’ve paid happen to be full, you’ll have to go to the Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) at I-Avenue in Bukit Jambul to get a new pink card issued, so that you can renew.

Once you pay your road tax, you’ll need to apply your tax sticker to your windshield, very carefully following the instructions so that you don’t destroy the sticker when peeling it off it’s back.  Study the old one before you take it off so you understand what’s supposed to be included on the sticker and what’s not.  Do this when you’re not in a terrible hurry!