Tai San Guan in Batu Ferringhi for Char Kway Teow

Liang at Tam San Guan in Batu Ferringhi

Liang at Tam San Guan in Batu Ferringhi

There is a beach access parking lot next to the Lone Pine Hotel across from the Petronas and MacDonald’s in Batu Ferringhi.  As you walk toward the beach from the car park you will find several shops selling beach toys, swimwear, tshirts and hats.  After that, there’s a little food court of three sellers and one of them is Tai San Guan.  This place has the hands-down best char kway teow in Batu Ferringhi, and we’ve tried quite a few. 

The owners, Liang and Loon are there every day except Tuesday from 8 until 4:30, tirelessly making some of the best food we’ve had anywhere.  Every time I go, they are in constant motion, busy with customers and orders.  The woks are being banged around with various delicious combinations of fresh vegetables and sauces being stir fried to perfection.  I am often ordering my food over the din, and even though she her hands are too busy stirring her woks to write down my order, she doesn’t forget what I ask for.

We were introduced to this place as Sizzling Chicken, because for most foreigners, this is their signature dish.  Sizzling Chicken is a soy sauce based chicken stir fry with bean sprouts and onions and garlic that is served on a piping hot cast iron platter.

But for us, the food that keeps bringing us back to Tai San Guan for lunch is their char kway teow.  I’ve posted about char kway teow before and for that post we’ve ordered char kway teow all over this town and we’re ready to declare Liang’s to be the best in Batu Ferringhi.

Why the best char kway teow?

What sets it apart?  I’ll contend that there are two factors that push it over the competition.  The first is the fact that theirs is not overly oily.  So many of the other stalls that slap out char kway teow have a habit of having noodles that are swimming in oil.  The second factor is that they don’t skimp on the protein.  We finish a plate of their char kway teow and don’t feel like we still need more to eat.

Our kids have other recommendations at Tai San Guan.  My oldest always orders the honey plum chicken, a sweet stir fry.  The two year-old is the hardest to please, and usually eats an order of potato wedges and a fried egg.

Cheap laundry service available

Another reason to go and visit Liang and Loon at Tai San Guan, is that they also have family that have a laundry service.  24 hour turn around on laundry for RM 5 per kilo, with an extra fee for express service if you need it sooner.

I know a lot of my readers have been to this place.  What do you think of their food?  Please share in the comments below.