Review: Smilebay Dental Surgery Tanjung Bungah

I had the opportunity finally try out Smilebay Dental Surgery.  We have a post about Dentists that Dave wrote up a while ago, but I never had any person experience until now.

I am ashamed to admit that I am almost a year overdue for a routine cleaning and check up and so I have no real excuse for putting off going to the dentist.  I don’t even have the phobic terror that grips some people when you talk about dentists.  In fact, I usually have a good experience, so that’s why it’s odd that I’ve lived in Penang so long without visiting one.

My first impression with Smilebay Dental was making my appointment on the phone.  I was really impressed with the lady’s phone etiquette.  Surprisingly, I never had to repeat myself.  It struck me as odd.  I think it might be one of the first phone conversations I’ve had in this country where I didn’t get misheard, or mishear.  All in all, they made a great first impression, on the phone.  They didn’t have a packed schedule and I was able to get the time I wanted.

The waiting room is clean, with brilliant white walls.  There are two computer stations with internet connections.  There’s also wifi for those of us who bring our own devices.  I didn’t have to wait long though because Dr. Andy was ready for me right away.

I was ushered into another brightly lit, very clean room with a dentist’s chair.  The equipment all looked shiny and new.

Dr. Andy was assisted by, not one but five assistants.  From my reclined position, I could not tell what some of their jobs were.  It did feel a little weird, but not crowded.  I’m used to a cleaning being done by a hygienist  with no assistant.

No cavities (Yay!) and a quick 30 minute cleaning, and I was done.  Dr. Andy was very keen on making sure I was okay.  He kept asking me to raise my hand if anything he was doing hurt.  I thought that was very considerate.  I’ve heard horror stories of other dentists in Southeast Asia.

Smilebay has four locations on the island, including a new one that they are opening in Island Plaza.  There is another dentist who works at this office.  My children have an appointment with her next week, so I hope to have a review about her soon.

Smilebay Dental Surgery has a website with more  information.  They can be found right on Jalan Tanjung Bungah, across from the Copthorne Hotel, but their parking lot is on the other side, across from the Esso station.

To call and make an appointment call +604-899 3800.  Let them know you read about them on Living in Penang.