Review: Smilebay Dental Surgery part 2

This is the second part of my review of Smilebay Dental Surgery, in Tanjung Bungah, Penang, Malaysia.  In the first part of the review I talk about my own experience at the dentist.  This post is about taking my kids there.  

After my own good experience at the dentist, I made appointments for the rest of my family.  I’ve got 3 little girls, but the littlest is only two years old, so we didn’t make an appointment for her.  My lovely wife also needed an appointment, so we made it a family outing.

We were not kept long in the waiting room before my wife was called to the same office I was in last week, and the kids and I were ushered into the other dental office.  The kids’ were seen by Dr. Tow while my wife was seen by Dr. Andy.

Dr. Tow was so gentle with my little girls.  It was nice to watch them get a pleasant experience and not develop an unhealthy fear of the dentist.  The other two and I were given chairs in the corner but only I stayed seated since the other two wanted to watch what happened to the big sister before their turn came up.  The doctor didn’t seem to mind, but to me, with four assistants and two little girls hovering around her, I thought she might start feeling crowded.

No cavities for the big girl.  A quick clean and polish, and it was the middle one’s turn.  She’s the one with several teeth missing and still coming in.  The doctor talked to me about some concerns she had with some teeth that weren’t coming in yet.  She didn’t recommend any action this time, but wanted us to be aware and to be alert that potentially we might be looking at orthodontic care in the future.

Half way through the middle daughter’s cleaning, my baby started looking up at me with pleading eyes.  “Can I have a turn?”

The doctor must have heard her and said, “Of course.”

So after the middle one hopped down, the two year old climbed up into the seat and did a great job sitting still, waiting.  The doctor asked her to open her mouth, and she did, and then counted her teeth, and then gave them a quick polish.  We had a minor mishap with the rinse and spit.  The water didn’t quite make it to the sink.

And then we were done.  Very pleasant experience.

Meanwhile, my wife’s visit took longer than the three little ones, but when she came out smiling, I knew she had a good experience as well.

She said it was slightly more painful than the dentist we saw in Bali, Indonesia, but her teeth feel cleaner as well.  And although there was a little bit of pain while her teeth were being cleaned, the doctor was aware and asked her to stop him whenever it got unbearable.

So that concludes this installment of our very positive experience at the dentist.  Here is the past post with a list of dentists in the north Penang area.