Review: Hospital Pulau Pinang

If you check out our list of recommended hospitals, you will notice that Hospital Pulau Pinang is not on the list.  We recently had an experience that underscored the lack of recommendation.  I will not risk any problems with the hospital, so I’ll just state the facts and leave it up to you to decide how you feel about this place.

We have an Indonesian friend who sells purses in Batu Ferringhi.  One day she called my wife to tell her that she’s got some stomach pain and would miss an appointment that they had set up.  We expressed that if she needed help seeking medical help that we were willing to be there for her.

Sunday night at 11pm, she took us up on that offer.  I stayed home with the sleeping children and my wife took her.  After two hours of waiting, they finally saw her, and confirmed that they needed to operate, so they admitted her.  My wife tried to pay but her card was low in funds so they said “No problem, pay tomorrow.”  She left and came home at 2:00.

The next morning we heard from our friend that she couldn’t get surgery until she paid for it.  I rushed around getting the cash into the hands of her husband.

They ran tests and confirmed that it was appendicitis and didn’t get to surgery until 6pm.  The next morning, Tuesday, we found out from the husband that they went in, found a healthy appendix and then opened her up in two more places, looking for problems.  A doctor tried to explain to my wife in broken English that he took out some bad blood (a clot maybe?) from the burn (no idea what that means).

By Thursday afternoon she felt well enough to go home, but needed more money.  We helped them out some more and drove her home, so she wouldn’t have to ride home on a motorbike.

Epilogue: We just got an SMS from her that she went back to hospital last night, was operated on again, and was told this morning that they will need to operate again today.  We have no idea what is going on.