Rapid Penang Busses

Rapid Penang Buses—Penang has an excellent, modern, air conditioned bus service, starting right from the airport.  In fact, you can ride the bus from just in front of the airport to Teluk Bahang—at the complete opposite end of the island—for a mere RM 4 ($1.30).

On most routes buses are normally supposed to come by about every 20 minutes, but when it is not rush-hour, it seems that they often come bumper-to-bumper, meaning that you may have to wait up to an hour at a stop.  It seems that the routes from the Jetty to Batu Feringghi & Teluk Bahang stop about 11 PM.

Buses also host a WiFi hotspot, hosted by the DiGi mobile carrier.  This can make longer commutes more tolerable.

Check out the Rapid Passport program.  See their website at: http://www.rapidpg.com.my/

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