Penang street food posts

I announced on social media the news, and now I’m posting it on the blog. Lonely Planet announced that Penang is the #1 food destination. They join CNN travel in stating what we all, those of us who live in Penang, agree as being obvious. Penang does indeed have the best street food. Malaysia - 097 - Penang - dinner at the food courts In honor of this announcement I’m putting out this list of my previous posts about the street food I’ve enjoyed in the past. I’ll write up a few more in the coming week and I’ll finish with my own list of foods you should not miss when you come to Penang.

Since moving to Penang, I’ve known that food is important to Penangites.  The joke I was told in our first week goes like this:

Q: How many times a day does a Penangite eat?

A: Once.  They start when they wake up and stop when it is time to go to bed.

So here are the top three posts about Penang Street food from the past.

  1. Char Koay Teow.  I’ve recently read that this is Malaysia’s version of Pad Thai.  I guess that’s a fair comparison.  This fried noodle dish is Malaysia’s own and Penang has some of the best.  My post here tells you where to find the best one in Batu Ferringhi.
  2. Roti Canai.  You can’t visit Malaysia without once having Roti Canai for breakfast.  It’s economical (as in cheap).  It’s ubiquitous (as in everywhere).  And it’s down right yummy.  Plain and dipped in curry and dhal is nice for breakfast.  Banana filled and topped with ice cream is a nice treat.
  3. Loh Mee.  A noodle dish for the more adventurous traveler.  This noodle dish swims in a thick soy broth and is much more foreign to the western tongue.

Comment below to help me build my list of can’t-miss dishes in Penang.

photo by: mckaysavage