Where’d the Penang Durian season go?

Durian where?

It really isn’t my fault.  The information on the web, and even from locals on the street say that December used to be a Durian harvest.  So I posted about Durian’s second season.  An excited out of town friend sent me a WhatsApp message saying he was in town and read my post.  He invited me to go get some.  So my one daughter who enjoys Durian, and my friend, and I went into Balik Pulau looking for a Durian stand… and there were none.

We drove as far as the Tropical Fruit Farm and we pulled in.  There we looked around and finally asked where we could find Durian.

The season never came, they told us.  There wasn’t one last December either.  There was one two years ago.  Even now, in their plantation in Balik Pulau, there are only two trees with fruit on them.

No one knows what is going on.  Some say Climate Change.  Some say it’s a result of changes in fertilizer and commercial agricultural practices.

But what that means is that Penang Durian won’t be back in the market until the Penang Durian Festival in July.  From what I learned, it seems like the peak of the season won’t be until August.  That’s when the best Durian should be available.