Paying the bills at the Post Office

Outside of a post office in Malaysia

CC image by Kai Hendry via Flickr

It won’t be long before you need to pay your bills; electricity, water, Internet, Phone, etc.  All these can be done at the Post Office.  Here in Malaysia, the postal service is called Pos Malaysia.  There is a post office in most towns.

The Pos Malaysia website has a branch locator that lists their locations state by state.  Here’s the page for Penang.

The post office is a dreaded errand for me.  I don’t know why, because in reality I’ve only had one bad experience there where I waited in line until I gave up.  Every other time I’ve been there, I’ve been first, second or at most third in line and serviced very quickly.

The process is fast.  Hand over your stack of bills.  If you’re lucky, they all arrived in your mailbox at the end of the month and are due near the beginning of the month.  They’ll add it all together and give you a total that you can pay all at once.  They scan in all the barcodes from the various bills.  Then they mark off the bottom of the receipt as paid and give it back to you as your receipt.  Very efficient.

After a few months of this, you should have a local bank account.  CIMB, Maybank, HSBC and most of the other banks with local branches have online bill pay services.  Not all of the banks cover all of the bills.  For example, I can’t pay my water bill with CIMB.

Automatic deduction from your account is available for some services, like Internet and Astro.  I haven’t attempted to set those up for myself yet.

So that’s the first slice of my life in Penang.  Keep coming back for more of my 31 days of living in Penang.  Subscribe by email or like us on Facebook to get updates of when new posts are up.