Living in Penang on Expats blog

Malaysia expat blogs We’re now listed on the Expats blog website.  Please help promote Living In Penang by going over to Expats blog and leaving a nice comment and a rating.  More ratings and comments will bump us up the page for Malaysia.

Expats blog is a neat place to find other blogs where people describe the thrills and chills of living in a culture that is not their own.  I’ve been following several around Malaysia, and seeing what struggles and insights others have had.

They also have a writing contest that I plan on participating in soon.  So when I do, I’ll post the link to that particular story on Expats blog.  I anticipate I’ll need my readers to help me out again to get voted up the contest ladder.  The first week of the contests is now up: Culture Shock.  I didn’t participate in this one, but boy do I have some stories.

Like when we were in language school, pregnant with the first child, and went straight home, looking no one in the eye, locking the doors, and not surfacing from our seclusion until we had to go back to language school…

Or the time we came brought our first baby home from the hospital to find that there was a wedding in the courtyard next to our house, and the rented speakers were mounted on the exterior of our bedroom wall.  They needed to get the most out of the rental, so they played their music at full volume for 24 hours.  The next day, we waved to our neighbors “Congratulations on the wedding.”  “Congratulations on the baby.”

I could go on… but I won’t.

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