Learn to ride on the Kazam bike


Our good friends Rob and Tyra at ZG Trading sell this awesome pedal-less bike to help little ones learn to balance and ride.  It’s called the KaZAM bike.  As you can see above, our two year old is getting the hang of balancing and steering.  It is adjustable and goes all the way down to her level.  

One thing that is different about this bike than other ones available in this country is that the tires are actually rubber inflated tires instead of hard molded plastic wheels.  Our experience with the plastic tires is that they don’t last long on rough uneven pavement.

This bike is available in 5 colors.  Rob and Tyra sell toddler sized bike helmets as well.

They have retailers in Malaysia, China, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.  But if you live in Penang, you can get personal service from Rob and Tyra.  Contact them through their ZGTrading facebook page and they’ll get you sorted out.  Let them know you heard about them through LivingInPenang.com.