Khaleel Restaurant Batu Ferringhi

I’ve been going to Khaleel Restaurant in Batu Ferringhi for about as long as we’ve been living in Penang.  There was a span we were going there at least thrice a week.  We’ve tapered back a little since then, but we still enjoy going there for a snack or a meal every once in a while.

Khaleel Restaurant locations

Khaleel Restaurant has five locations in Penang.  There used to be more, but for various reasons some have had to close.  The largest one is near University Science Malaysia, at Ivory Place.  There’s one in Little India, on Chulia Street, but the last couple times I’ve driven past that one, it’s been closed.  There’s one on Gurney Drive looking out at the water.  There’s the one close to us in Batu Ferringhi, just up and across from McDonald and Petronas.  And there’s the one that is near the traffic circle in Teluk Bahang.

The food at Khaleel Restaurant

Khaleel Restaurant is a typical Nasi Kandar eatery, there’s a steam table with Indian dishes ready to be served over plates of rice.  Having gotten to know my particular Khaleel and their staff, I’ve learned when the food comes out fresh from the kitchen.  (In Batu Ferrringhi, that’s between 5:30 and 6pm).

Roti Canai and Dosai

There’s a lot to say about Roti Canai and Dosai.  It’s very typical Malaysian breakfast.  You can read more about it on the post about Roti Canai and Dosai.


Aziz, the Tandoor cook at Khaleel Restaurant in Batu Ferringhi. He is a brilliant artist with food.

Aziz, the Tandoor cook. Brilliant artist with food.

We’ve also become friends with the man who cooks at the Tandoor (clay oven).  We happened to be eating at Khaleel the evening he started working there.  I had already ordered my food but my wife was still hemming and hawing over what she wanted.  Since there was a new guy and the staff, who we already knew, were telling us that the new guy had a new recipe, she decided to give it a go.  All the staff watched as my wife took her first bite into the Tandoori Chicken.  She must have made a face and grabbed for her drink.  The manager ran over and asked, “Are you ok? Is it too spicy for you?”  Then without getting an answer he went to the new guy and spoke in rapid fire Tamil.  I tried the Tandoori Chicken a week later, on the advice from the manager, that the new recipe has been tweaked and is less spicy.  “Please try it,” he said, “so we can know if it is better.”  And it was.  It’s been great.

He is an artist when it comes to presentation.  Here’s some shots of some of his work over the last few months.  There’s a lit candle in the carved tomato at the top of the tray.

A Tandoori Chicken plate made by Aziz at Khaleel Restaurant Batu Ferringhi.  There's a lit candle in the carved tomato at the top of the tray.

A Tandoori Chicken plate made by Aziz.

A Chicken and Cheese Kabob platter by Aziz at Khaleel Restaurant in Batu Ferringhi Penang Malaysia

A Chicken and Cheese Kabob platter by Aziz.


Aziz, the Tandoor guy has made some other incredible dishes for me since.  He has made Pahari Chicken, Reshmi Kabobs and recently he made a Chicken and Cheese Kabob for me that was phenominal.  He’s always asking me if I want to try something new that he’s making, and I’ve never been disappointed.  There isn’t much demand for anything but the Tandoori Chicken at the restaurant (besides from me) so if I want to have the Pahari or the Reshmi, he asked me to let him know a day in advance.


Online reviews are mixed for Khaleel Restaurant.  Some say that the place is dirty or the food is cold.  I say, if you want to feed a family of 5 for around RM30, what can you expect?  I’ve never been grossed out by anything there.

Have you been to Khaleel Restaurant?  Do you miss the Hillside one?  Post in the comments below.