iPhone 4S in Penang Malaysia

Look around Penang and you will see that Penangites have smartphones.  It is just part of everyday life.  The two popular smartphones are the iPhones and the Samsung Galaxy family.

Recently I decided to look into upgrading my iPhone 3 GS to the iPhone 4S.

Apple Switch store

Switch (Apple Premium Reseller)

The official Apple reseller outlet is called Switch.  In Penang, Switch can be found at Queensbay, Gurney Plaza, Straits Quay, Sunway Carnival Mall and Jaya Jusco BM.  I went there thinking I could get a new phone and stick my old SIM into it.

I was told that I can only buy one with a Celcom plan included.  They no longer sell iPhones without carrier plans.  I was disappointed and decided I might be able to get a better price with one of the carriers.



I went to Digi first, simply because they were the closest store at the mall.  To say it is complicated, is an understatement.  They have something called the Smart Digi plan which is a data plan.  It took me a while to finally understand that this is a data only plan and voice and text will still be ala carte, as in additional fee per month.

iPhones also have something called iDigi plans which will give you certain amounts of data, voice, and text for the levels.  The more you pay monthly, the less you pay initially for an iPhone.

Rather than list everything, I’ll just send you to the official iPhone page for Digi.  The rest of the carriers have similar iPhone packages and you’ll have to visit their sites for details.


My head was spinning from the complexity.  And to be honest, my wallet was reeling from sticker shock.  So I put off buying a new phone that day — and the next three days I went to the various stores.

Several online outlets have places to buy used phones in Malaysia.  Some of them aren’t even used, in fact they are places for little cell phone shops to list their excess stock.  I have some queries to some people who are offering iPhones at half price.  I will have to post at a later date about how well this works (if at all).