IP wireless camera to monitor baby

IP Wireless Camera

In the last post, I talked about not being able to find a baby monitor anywhere in Penang.  I even considered doing a little travel, perhaps to Singapore, to find such a device.  But in the end, I found a technological solution in Tanjung Tokong.  I bought a little IP Wireless Camera that will sit in my baby’s crib and broadcast on our home wifi network.

I got this little beauty at one of the kiosks on the first floor of Tesco, but I have seen them at the other malls.  Electronics like this are usually brought in from China and often have no warranty.  If you are going to be shopping for something like this, please, buyer beware, ask a lot of questions before you put down any money.  Ask about returns, repairs, etc.  Ask to see it turned on and working.  In Indonesia, I learned to not expect customer service after I handed over money.  It’s slightly better in Malaysia, but level of service is inconsistent from shop to shop, seller to seller.  Just be careful ok?

This IP Wireless camera is easy to configure and does exactly what I want it to do.

Features that I needed

  • Securely broadcast video from the baby’s bedroom to a screen outside the baby’s room.  
  • Work at night, which means some kind of infrared (IR) camera.
My baby in his crib displayed in the browser of my computer

My baby in his crib displayed in the browser

Features that I also got

  • Works over the web browser so any computer on my LAN can see it
  • Configurable Admin panel means I can set the password to something really hard to crack, if anyone got on my network
  • Mobile apps that can connect to the camera from our iPhones or Android tablet.

Configuration procedure for IP Wireless Camera

The IP Wireless camera came with a set up disk.  The set up utility did not work with my Windows 8 operating system.  If you get one of these cameras hopefully program on the disk works for you.  I tried to google and download another set up utility, and it also didn’t work.  Eventually I did it manually, and here’s what I did.

You need to know how to log into your home router to set up the camera.  You should have gotten access to it when you set up your Internet connection through Streamyx, Unifi, or whoever.  If this is giving you trouble, you might be able to find a 13 year old in your neighborhood that will do it for you.

      1. Plug the camera into a power outlet
      2. Connect the camera network cable to your home router
      3. Log into the router and find the IP for the camera.  For me, it was  It will be 4 numbers like this.
      4. in a browser window, type in  The default username is admin and the default password is [blank].  You want to change this as soon as possible.  
      5. I had to choose English from the admin panel.
      6. Then I click the settings icon at the bottom right.  Looks like some tools.   And I make 3 changes

        Wireless lan settings for IP Wireless Camera

        Wireless lan settings

      7. Uncheck DHCP; change the IP address so that the last number is higher, like 51, and set a port in the 8000. I chose 8080

        User settings for the IP Wireless Camera

        User settings for the IP Wireless Camera

      8. Input my house router information so the camera knows the SSID and the password. This camera does not hide the password. So be careful with this information.

        Network basic settings for IP Wireless Camera

        Network basic settings

      9. Set the usernames and passwords for in the Users settings screen. This is important for your network security. Do not leave these settings as default

And so now we can watch the baby sleep from the computer or from our mobile devices.  For the iPhone/iPad you need the P2PCam app.  For Android devices the app is also called P2P Cam

I’ll leave you with a screenshot from the iPhone.


Screenshot from IP Wireless Camera taken by iphon

screenshot from iphone

Please leave any questions or comments below.