IKEA in Kuala Lumpur

On our recent adventure to Kuala Lumpur, we tried to do some things that we can’t do because we’re living in Penang.  One of those things is a trip to IKEA.  It is located in Damansara, not terribly far from the highway, although if you are coming from the wrong direction, you will have to work your way around and under the highway just to get through the series of one way streets to get to the store.

Why do we want to go to IKEA?

For our older two children, they really enjoy going to Småland.  This is a play area with a ball pit and some coloring stations and I don’t know what else that they can be watched for an hour, while parents shop.  Kids must be between 4-10 years and 90-130 cm.  I guess they need the height requirement because kids don’t carry ICs.

Another reason we wanted to go to IKEA was the food.  There are days when my wife has dreams about the Swedish Meatballs and the Poached Salmon.  I asked her which she was going to choose, and she answered both, we’re sharing.  I guess I don’t need to try something new on the menu.

While we can find furniture in Penang, the comparable equivalents tended to be cheaper at IKEA, even if you figure in the price of shipping.

The final reason to enjoy a trip to IKEA Damansara is to learn Swedish.  Ok, you won’t learn how to string together a whole sentence, but I asking my kids to get something off the Expedit, or to punish them by sending them to their Gulliver.

Some Tips

Avoid the crowds

One tip, don’t go on Sunday afternoon.  It is crowded.  We were in line to check our kids into Småland, for over 30 minutes.

Shop online before you get there

The store can be quite overwhelming.  In fact, it can be quite maze-like.  I have heard anecdotes of people in IKEA stores in the states that were so lost in a store, and could not find an exit, that they ended up going out an emergency exit and got in trouble.

One thing you can do to help yourself out is to shop online and know what you want to get when you get there.  The IKEA website will not allow you to select and pay for items to be delivered to you.  What it will do is allow you to create and print a shopping list.  The shopping list will tell you whether or not a particular item is in stock (at the time you make the list) and where on the racks you can find your item.

Share Delivery

IKEA will ship up to Penang, but you have to pay for a whole lorry, whether you buy one item or fill the whole truck.  As of 2012, the price of the lorry to Penang is RM 690.  In the past there have been groups who have shared the cost of delivery.  You can comment below or check out the forum to ask if anyone else is interested in sharing a delivery.