Ifix4you iPhone and iPad repair

my iPhone opened up at iFix4you

I recently had a huge problem with my iPhone. The power button stopped working. It was a livable problem, but annoying. Since I bought the iPhone in the US, I didn’t think I could get it serviced at the official Apple service center at Switch. So where to go in Penang for iPhone repair?

I found iFix4You.  Jason is a great guy who does these iPhone and iPad repairs out of his apartment in the evenings.

Jason working on my iPhone
I sat there with him that evening, as he opened up the guts of my iPhone and replaced the ribbon. The ribbon is a special and complicated piece of electronics that includes all the exterior buttons and guts of the iPhone. So that means I got a new power button, a new headphone jack, a new mute button, new volume buttons, etc. He must have taken out at least 50 screws to remove the faulty ribbon. The whole thing took 30 minutes to diagnose and then another hour to actually make the change. I’m sure it could have gone a lot faster if I hadn’t been so chatty.

Jason and I talked about all sorts of things.  Favorite foods, where to go get our favorite foods.  We’re both big fans of Tom Yam Fried Rice.  Upcoming events in Penang.

And we also talked about iPhone and iPad repair.  The number one repair he does: replace iPad screens.  Parents give their iPads to their children and … whoops.  He has one repeat customer who has had the screen on his iPad replaced 3 times already.  Cracked screens are very common.

I recommend Jason and iFix4You.  He did a great job, very diligent, very friendly.  Find out how to get in touch with him from his website.