G Cafe’s new theme buffet

I was invited by the people at G Cafe, the restaurant in the lobby of the G Hotel, to come try out their new theme buffet.  They put out an invitation to Penang bloggers.  So featured below is my honest review of my experience last night.  Spoiler: Yummy!


G Hotel is one of the top hotels in Penang.  They boast an average occupancy rate of almost 90%.  It’s focus is on corporate clientele and providing the amenities that you would expect corporate clients would want.  The hotel restaurant, G Cafe is positioned for entertaining clients and providing a nice variety for every taste.

Starting this August, the restaurant has a brand new series of theme buffets.

  • Monday: Taste of Asia.  RM98++ (buy 1 get 1 free)
  • Tuesday: Taste of Italy.  RM98++ (50% discount for lady diners)
  • Wednesday: French Bistro.  RM98++
  • Thursday: Claypot cooking.  RM98++
  • Friday: Seafood feast BBQ. RM 108++
  • Saturday: Steak and Lobster BBQ.  RM 108++

The buffet runs from 6:30-10:00 pm but there is ala carte dining 24 hours.

I got there for the special tasting at 6pm.  They gave us some time to photograph the buffet before the crowds descended on them.  This particular night is the Taste of Italy buffet.  According to the marketing staff that I interviewed, this is their particular favorite.  Just by visual appeal, this was going to be a good night for this foodie.




The service buffet area is sparkling and inviting.  They put the desserts right up front as you walk in so you can get a good look at the highlight of the meal.  I’ll get to that later.


I started with a salad.  There’s fresh, crisp greens: romaine, arugula, and curly lettuces.  Grated carrots, tomatoes, and an assortment of olives.  There were six different dressings to choose from.  Since I’m reviewing the buffet, I tried all 6.


The standout best was the chili-lime dressing.  It’s got a subtle heat, not something to overpower the salad.  It warmed the tongue, rather than burned.  I would have had more, if I weren’t pacing myself.  Despite the fact that this was Taste of Italy, I think the Italian dressing was the least of the six.

Appetizers (Antipasto)



These mozzarella and pesto shooters were the standout best for me.  Good, fresh mozzarella is something I really love.  It is combined with an olive, a cherry tomato, a leaf of baby romaine and dressed with some awesome basil pesto.  Had to remind myself again to pace myself.  But this was excellent.


IMG_2425Here are ll the appetizers I tried.  The one in the middle is a piece of smoked salmon wrapped around a couple cubes of feta cheese.  There is a delicious sauteed mushroom salad with sliced Parmesan on top.  The other standout appetizer was labeled Tuna salad.  It’s a slice of tuna cooked rare and then chilled, sitting on marinated avocado and blanched green beans.  Awesome.

Mains and entrees




Off to the side are three stations.  One is a carvery, serving a sirloin beef tip tonight.  The next is a pizza station with 3 varieties available (margarita, tuna and chicken).  The last station is a made-to-order pasta station, with six pastas, 3 sauces, and various add-ins like peppers and shrimp.

Carving station.  Excellent cut of medium to medium rare beef.  Some kind of sauce to put on it, I asked the server twice what it was called and I never understood, so gave up.  It tasted like a capsicum based barbecue sauce.

Pizza.  I didn’t even bother trying it.  I see this area as being the buffet version of the kids menu and if your kids are like mine, they’ll eat it or they won’t there’s nothing you can do about it.  Pizza looked good enough.

Pasta Station. I tried fettuccine in a white sauce (maybe alfredo).  It was blandish.  I regret not trying the red sauce.






G Hotel G Cafe dessertThis is the highlight of the buffet.  You can tell that they are proud of Chef Tan Kwee Lian, their Award winning Pastry Chef.  She’s got over 20 international awards under her toque blanc.


Here’s my plate.  You’re probably thinking “Did you really eat seven desserts?”  To this I answer, “No that would be irresponsible of me… to leave without trying their Gelato.”  There are so many offerings.  There’s a coffee mousse and a strawberry mousse.  There’s an excellent date tart, chocolate cake and opera cake.  All of it was excelent.

The standout best dessert is the tiramisu, although the chocolate fondue fountain is a visual treat.  I like the fact that there’s local fruit, like dragonfruit on the bar to dip into the fountain.

All in all, absolutely delicious.  Wonderful night and I hope to come back.  This buffet might even make it on the next list of date-night venues.  These theme buffet nights are going to go on through the end of Oct.

For dinner reservations at G Cafe, please call +604 238 0000 or email [email protected].    G Hotel can be found on Gurney Drive right next to Gurney Plaza Mall.