Furniture shops

Furniture shops

Modern Art Furniture Sdn Bhd

320 Perak Road

Tel: (+604) 283-6463

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I found this shop on the recommendation of a friend who bought a baby cot for his daughter there.  I had success finding what I was looking for.  For more of the story read my review of my visit to Modern Art Furniture.

Mekio Home Furnishing

No. 109 Kinta Lane, off Burma Road, Georgetown

+(604)-210 8608

This local IKEA wannabe is a good local place to see a wide variety of furniture styles and prices.  They source their products from China.  We’ve order things and had to wait for the next shipment from China to arrive.  A point in their favor, once we ordered something and they called us to let us know that the shipment did not come to their standard of quality, “so would we prefer a refund or to wait til the next shipment.”  We have found this level of customer service quite refreshing and praiseworthy.

Micro Furniture,

31, Jalan Kelawai, 10250 Penang.


Also, 72, Jalan Masjid Negeri, 11600,

04 6573587

This store has some high quality items and a fairly broad selection.  In our experience, the Kelawai store, East of Gurney Plaza on the right, has better selection.

Creative Furnishing, 416-428 Jalan Dato Keramat (at the corner of Dato Kermat and Jalan Perak), 10460

04 2274 980, 988

This store is somewhat unique in that most if not all of their products are made of solid wood, rather than particle board.  Much of it is pine, a soft wood, but sometimes they have maple and other woods.  Good quality products.

LDI Furniture, No 2, Solok Scotland (Right on the tighter corner opposite Masjid Negeri) 10450

04 826 2122

Open 10-7 M-Sat, 10-5 Sun.

If you’re reeling from shock that most of the furniture in Malaysia is made of cheap chipboard covered in thin veneer, then this is a place that may help you recover a bit.  Everything here is made of Indonesian teak.  It’s not all cheap, though you may be surprised to find that a slightly rough teak bookcase is cheaper than a glitzy, modern looking piece of thinly disguised chipboard.  Some of the workmanship here is beautiful; some of it is a bit shabby, so drag things out into the sunlight to inspect before you buy.  But if any furniture can last nearly forever, this would be it.

KC Furniture, Jalan Larut (just after Georgetown Baptist Church and before the fancy KFC in a mansion.)

Another location on Jalan Tanjung Tokong, across from Island Plaza

The showroom at both locations is pretty expansive with a several levels.  It will give you an idea of the quality of the products.  Our experience has been to simply ask to look in the catalogs.  This will give you a bigger breadth of styles to choose from.

Regent Furnishing, 281 and 283 Jalan Chulia, Georgetown, (just at the bend in the street, just east of and across the street from Rainforest Bakery)

This store has more in it than you’d expect while looking at the front.  They used to give discounts to Dalat people, though we’re not sure if that was more their initiative or the initiative of Chris Teh who used to be a sales associate here before he moved over to KC.  Check them out.

Sing Guang Hing—with prominent Sharp and Astro signs—across the street from MayBank in Tanjung Bungah.

In the right hand side of this store you can find a selection of chipboard based wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and coffee tables, at reasonable prices.

Used Furniture

Haji A. Othman Piliai and Sons—113, Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, Georgetown (just across the street from Kapitan Keling Mosque)

It’s admittedly challenging to find anything in this piled up, dusty shop, but if you hit them at the right time you may find just what you’re looking for.  Very cheap prices.

Office Furniture

Check out this new post about where to go to get office furniture and equipment.