Fruit Stand: Series kick off, apples, oranges and bananas


I’m going to start on a series of posts talking about some of the fruit that we can find at the fruit stand in the local wet markets.  For me, the fruit stand is a real treat.  I love the availability of variety of different fruit.  We’ve gotten spoiled with the freshness of the fruit and the hands on friendliness of the people who work at the various fruit stands we frequent.

The family at the stand in Tanjung Bungah really like my children.  Whenever we show up, I tell the girls to go say, “hi” to Uncle and Auntie.  They get a kick out of that.  The two year old usually gets a little banana.  My older one doesn’t care for these bananas, but will take one for her little sister.  That also makes the shopkeepers smile.

My family consumes a steady stream of apples and oranges and bananas.  It isn’t all that exotic, for sure, but it is nice to get good fresh ones.  Right now we’re paying RM .80 per apple for what I would call small/medium sized apples.  There are usually at least three varieties of apples, Fujis, Pink Ladies, and Galas.  Occasionally we’ll see Red Delicious and Granny Smiths.  I’m spoiled on Red Delicious from growing up in upstate New York, so we hardly ever get those.   They are often mealier than I prefer.

Oranges are about RM 1 to 1.20 per orange.  These are the thick skin Sunkists.  I have not seen the green skinned citrus fruit that they call oranges in Indonesia available here, which is just as well.  We never cared for those.  Smaller oranges are good for juicing and larger ones are good for peeling and snacking.  You can judge the juiciness of an orange by the ‘heft’ of it.  If it feels a little light, you can be sure that there is less juice in it.

Bananas are priced by weight.  They are often ripe before they turn yellow, so I usually end up asking the shopkeepers which ones I can ‘eat today’.  They will often point out several bunches that are ‘eat today’ and some that are ‘eat tomorrow’.  This is true of mangoes as well.

Seedless grapes are RM 20 per kilo.  It feels shockingly expensive, compared to the other fruit, but it is about $3/lb.  I only got them as a treat for my two year old’s birthday.

Last week I saw nectarines for RM 28 for one.  Not one kilo, one nectarine.  I let that one pass.  I didn’t see it at the stand this week.  We will save stone fruit like peaches and nectarines for when we go back to the US.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be writing about the local fruit.  Comment below about any questions you might have.