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likemeface_fjxon35oI sure would appreciate it if you could please help promote Living in Penang on Facebook by liking our Facebook page.  It would help us boost our reach to be a better guide for foreigners Living in Penang.

What do I share on Facebook?

Election stuff

For the last couple weeks I’ve been finding links about the recent Malaysia Election, GE13 as it is sometimes called.  My goal isn’t any political agenda —  I don’t have a horse in the race, as they say.  My goal is to help you guys who are living here, get a better grasp of the issues and the sides.

It certainly looks like the election story shows no sign of ending.  Join the discussion and ask your questions here or on the facebook site. And Malaysians, please chime in.  As expats we would really like to know what you’re thinking and value your opinions.

Family living stuff

I’ve been coming across deals and info about events for families.  I am sharing them on Facebook.  I hope to do more of that kind of thing, so if you’re interested in family activities in Penang, please click on the Living in Penang page on Facebook.

Other blogs

As I read other blogs, I’ll be sharing and liking them on this page as well.  And I hope you do too.

THANKS in advance.

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