DIY kid car wash sprinkler with no power tools

I was inspired to come up with some kids activities while the little ones are on summer break. Yes, homeschoolers take a summer break too. I decides to make this kid car wash sprinkler out of PVC pipes. I got the plans from this post on

DIY Kid Car Wash Sprinkler assembled

DIY Kid Car Wash Sprinkler assembled

The instructable cited a price of $9.51.

Kid Car Wash Sprinkler


4 end caps – RM 1
2 elbow joints – RM 1
2 T-joints -RM 1
2 3m lengths of 15mm PVC pipe – RM 8
1 socket connector – RM 3.70
1 metal rubber hose to socket connector RM 4.20

I got the lot for RM 19.90.  YAY score one for being an expat in Penang.


1 hacksaw
1 tape measure
1 sharpie
1 gimlet.

This is the gimlet I bought


The gimlet is a awl with a corkscrew that I picked up for RM 2. Better than spending ~RM 370 for a power drill set.Measure twice, cut once.

  1. I got the PVC pipe cut to the right lengths in almost no time.
    1. One 3 meter pipe was cut in half for the upright supports.
    2. Cut 120 cm piece out of the other pipe.  This is the cross piece, along the top
    3. With what’s left, cut into four 45 cm pieces.  These are the feet.
  2. Drilling 5 holes in the top cross piece took longer. Almost 30 minutes. As I wiggled the gimlet around, I felt connected to a primitive side of myself. This must be how ancient cultures drilled holes in their PVC pipes before electricity!

The kids gave it a test run.  Some additional pictures will be posted on the Living in Penang Facebook page.

Seeing how cheap PVC pipe is, I’m on the look out for more DIY projects.

Next step is to make this deluxe version!