K K Ong

Jalan Tanjung Bunga—on the corner just north and across Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang from Island Plaza.

Reviews are mixed on this particular clinic.  Several expats have used this dentist and are pleased with his work.  Others have had some complaints about his indifference towards the patient’s pain.

SmileBay Dental Surgery

This clinic opened recently across from the Dalat school.  Friends who had a hard time at K K Ong tried them and had a better experience.


Dentists on the ground and 1st floor of the center on the south corner of the Jalan Burma and Jalan Gottlieb intersection.  We’ve actually had friends to here on another friend’s recommendation, choose the wrong office and both swore that they got the best service they could have hoped for.


Prestige Orthodontics

On the SW side of Jalan Burma just S of where Lorong Burma intersects.  The lead dentist at K K Ong recommends this orthodontics clinic.