Dave’s Java Bali Photo Tour

Dave’s Java Bali Photo Tour

Balinese girls - courtesy of Dave Ray Photo dot com

Courtesy of DaveRayPhoto.com

I know this site is Living in Penang, but my friend Dave has an amazing opportunity for you this September to go with him on a photo tour of Java and Bali, Indonesia.  Just so you know, I have received no money from Dave to post this, I’m doing it because I think my readers can really take advantage of Dave’s low introductory price for this Java Bali Photo Tour.

Who’s Dave

You’ve seen Dave’s photos on this site when he shared with us his images from the Dragonboat festival and the Thaipusam festival.  He’s an amazing photographer who has an eye for capturing people in real life situations.

We first met Dave and Julie when we moved to East Java in 2005.  They had already been there for years and fluent in the Indonesian language.  In fact at that time, Dave was learning one of the minority languages to help him understand the culture even better.

Dave’s a story teller too.  One of the perks you’ll get if you sign up for his tour is his stories about the history and culture in Java and Bali; and not just the ancient folk tale stuff, but the way life runs there now as well.

What will you see on this tour?

Dave has set up a whirlwind tour through Java and Bali where you can be snapping photos 8 hours a day.  Through his extensive network of contacts, he’s set up some time to capture local artisans and artists working their crafts.

Dave will take you up close and personal to an active volcano, into hidden villages of artisans, and through some picturesque terrain.  You’ll be able to capture images few non-locals get to see.

How do you sign up?

More information can be found on the Java Bali Photo Tour page on DaveRayPhoto.com including a day by day schedule of where you’ll be and what you’ll be shooting.

Click here to sign up for Dave’s tour on EventBrite.  You’ll notice that the tour package is almost half the price of any similar cultural photo tour around this region.  His next tour won’t be selling so low, so now’s your chance to get a great deal.  Also, let him know that you heard about it from LivinginPenang.com.