Food Stall: Chee Cheong Fun

Chee Cheong Fun

Chee Cheong Fun is also known as Steamed Noodle Roll.  It hasn’t topped any list (that I’ve seen) of Penang foods to try.  And yet it’s a yummy local favorite.  My gluten-free expat friends love it because it’s a rice noodle dish that they can eat.  So let’s explore what Chee Cheong Fun is.

Here’s the thing.  In English they call it a Steamed Noodle Roll or a Rice noodle roll.  That’s not a translation, however.  That’s a description of what it is.  Chee Cheong is a Cantonese word that means pig intestine and fun is noodle.  They don’t really use pig intestines.  It’s just a much more colorful description of the noodle roll.

Chee Cheong Fun is a staple in dim sum restaurants.  In Penang, there is often a Chee Cheong Fun stall in most hawker centres and food courts.

Most of the Chee Cheong Fun I’ve had around Penang have shrimp rolled into the noodle.  Some come with char siu roast pork slices (like they have in Wan Than Mee).  Some is just empty, like the one I had this morning, and that’s just fine.

The flavor comes from the sauce.  In Penang, the sauce uses a shrimp paste called hae ko which is different from the balacan shrimp paste found in other Malaysian cooking.  Penang cooks also sprinkle sesame seeds over the top of the finished dish.

A plate of Chee Cheong Fun cost me RM 1.80 this morning at the market food court.  I found it pretty filling.

Make Chee Cheong Fun at home

Interested in making it at home.  It is easier than you think.  Here’s Jackie M with a video tutorial.  I’m a huge fan of her cooking channel on Youtube.

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