Bridge and Ferry to the mainland

To the Mainland/Peninsula

The Penang Bridge is currently the only physical connection between the island of Penang and the mainland crossing the Penang Straits. It is 13.5 km (8.4 miles) long and is the site of the annual Allianz Penang Bridge International Marathon. The bridge is free for driving to the mainland, RM 7 to return.

Currently, it is the longest bridge in Malaysia and the fourth longest in Southeast Asia, but it will soon be eclipsed by the Penang Second Bridge coming in at 24 km (15 miles). On the island, the second bridge starts nearer the airport at Batu Maung and crosses the strait to Batu Kawan on the mainland. The second bridge should be completed in 2013.

The Penang Ferry Service

The ferry, departing from the Jetty about 15 minutes drive north of the bridge, is likewise free to travel to the mainland, RM 7 to return when driving your own personal vehicle. There are other rates for pedestrians, bicycles and motorcycles.

This ferry service is the oldest in Malaysia and captures a special place in the hearts of Penangites. Some liken it to the history and nostalgia that surround the San Francisco trolley.