Appointments needed for American Consular Services

Americans take note

There is a new online appointment system for the American Citizen Services unit at the US Embassy in KL.  The new system kicked in at the start of 2015.  This is for non emergency services.  Those include

The exact procedure is on the Embassy website.  Also included is a list of things you can and cannot bring in.  Finally there’s a link at the bottom to the online form that you can fill out to get an appointment.   There’s also a online form to fill out to cancel your existing appointment.

You can also contact the American Citizen Services section during normal business hours.  Phone: 03 2168 4979 or 4997.  I’ve found that they are very responsive on their email line [email protected].

I’m excited about the change.  I think this will speed up the wait time when we go to register our next baby’s birth.

Anyone used the new system yet?