31 days: Thaipusam photo tour announced

31 days of Living in PenangI’ve mentioned the Thaipusam festival on the blog before.  It is a Hindu festival that happens every year in January.  It is a very colorful and exotic thing, and while I do not recommend it for younger children, it is something that you might be interested in experiencing.


Well our good friend Dave Ray will be running a photo tour here in Penang during the next Thaipusam Festival.  You will get to see the tour, embedded with the people, trailing the participants.  There will be opportunities to work with the other tour participants to learn new photography techniques, and story telling with photography.

The details can be found at Dave’s tour page.  The tour price includes the hotel and meals plus all the work Dave’s put into getting you into the heart of the festival.

Spaces are limited, so you need to sign up as quickly as possible.

In general, I think photo tours and photo workshops like these are a great way to get into the local culture.  The tour guide has done a lot of the legwork to get you an insider’s perspective, in this case into the Thaipusam festival.  The advantage of a photo tour over a regular tour is that 1) you can see what you’re going to see because the photographer often shows you the images you should be expecting to capture.  and 2) you take home with you all your images to remember what you’ve experienced.  I highly recommend photo tours and will be pointing out other photo tours in Penang as they come up.

[I have not been paid for promoting this tour, I just believe in the product and the photographer.]