How to use the MPPP Parking coupons in Penang

After a few false starts the MPPP (Municipal Council of Penang ) is finally in operation.  As Penang Momma put it, I hope you enjoyed your one month of free parking in Georgetown because the officials are out there looking for parking violations now.  Tweets were going the first day of operation warning people to get the coupons on their dashboards.


Here’s a quick How To guide for using the system.

Buying the cards

I stopped in the Caltex in Tanjung Bungah and they said “Yes we have them, but the guy who sells them is not here.” I was told that most 7-eleven outlets would have the cards. That was bad information, as I popped into two different 7-elevens and they did not. Fortunately, the Happy Mart next door did have them.

The first time I bought them they came in packs of green and orange tickets for RM 6. The Green coupons are worth RM.40 and are good for 30 minutes of parking. The Orange coupons are worth RM 0.80 and are good for an hour.

The orange and green MPPP Parking Coupons

The second time I bought these tickets it cost me RM 4 and it had 10 green tickets. I think that’s actually better for most people.

Scratch the date and time

Using a coin or a key, or if situations warrant it, your fingernail, scratch off the year, month, day, hour and minute. The card says that if you make a mistake during this time you forfeit that particular card. I have made a mistake with my card once. I scratched the wrong hour. I risked it and scratched off another hour mark. Now I didn’t get a parking citation, but perhaps I should have been wiser and thrown away that particular card.

If you are using multiple cards, scratch off times that are appropriate. So, if you are parking at noon, and you’ll stay for 2 hours, scratch off 1pm on the second card.

Place MPPP Parking Coupon on the dashboard inside the car

Placement of MPPP Parking Coupon

Once you’ve scratched off the right times and dates on your parking coupon, put them on your dashboard in front of your steering wheel, where the parking attendant can come by and inspect it. If you have more than one parking coupon make sure they are all visible from outside. Then lock your car.

When the time is up on those coupons, they are done; invalid. You can’t reuse them. You’ll just have to throw them away.

If you forget and get a citation

The fines are paid at KOMTAR in Georgetown. The cost of a single parking citation is RM 30, but someone told me that you can get it down to RM 15 if you show up in the first seven days of the ticket.

Since the cost is both time and money, it seems like it would be better to just use the RM 0.80 parking coupons rather than have to go downtown to settle a violation.

Anyone had to go pay? How was your experience?

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3+1 date night restaurant recommendations

To add a twist to our series on Penang, the number one place on earth for food (my opinion), I thought I’d take as step away from street food and write up some higher class dining establishments.

We went for the music, but stayed for the...

Our good friend Dave Ray, photographer and expat living in Penang shared with me his top three restaurants for when he wants to take his wife Julie out for a fancy date night. These are the opinions of one guy. If you have a restaurant you’d like to invite Dave, myself and our wives, we’d be more than willing to give you a fair shake.

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Floating Chariot Procession

Living in Penang, you come to realize every day is a holiday.  Not in the sense that you can kick back and relax, in fact everyone I meet is on the move, working hard.  No I mean every day is some kind of celebration or observance for someone living here.  Right on the heels of Chinese New Year, which ends today with Chap Goh Meh, comes this weekend’s Floating Chariot Procession which will take place in Teluk Bahang.

Click to see a beautiful photoset of this event

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Tom yam fried rice

Today I want to write about a dish that I haven’t found on any list of foods to try in Penang. It’s a shame because it’s truly a Penang specialty and even though the name sounds Thai, I’m told that you can’t get it in Thailand. That dish is Tom Yam Fried Rice.


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Chap Goh Meh Chinese Valentines Day

Chap Goh Meh (sometimes spelled Chap Goh Mei) marks the last day of the Chinese New Year celebration.  It’s been two weeks of fun food and firecrackers, with Hokkien New Year being the halftime show.  Now it’s time for the unmarried ladies to go down to the Esplanade and throw oranges in the water.  Wait… uh why?
Chap Goh Meh Read more…

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Hokkien New Year

The story is that long ago, during the Ming Dynasty, the ancestors of the Hokkien were hiding from bandits in the sugarcane fields during Chinese New Year. They prayed to the Jade Emperor, a diety also known as the King of Heaven. For eight days the intruders searched for them and could not find them, eventually giving up. On the ninth day, the Hokkien came out of hiding and celebrated, praising the Jade Emperor for protecting them. They celebrated the Chinese New Year 8 days late.

Welcome Lantern For The Snake

Here in Penang, the Chinese New Year celebration isn’t one day.  It lasts 15 days.  And the peak of it is today, the ninth day, Hokkien New Year.  The fireworks displays for this particular night outshadow (and out deafen) the ones from 8 nights ago.

Outside many of the temples, and some Buddhist homes are these massive incense sticks that burn for hours.  These are in honor of the Jade Emperor who protected them in the past.  Some also call this day the birthday of the Jade Emperor.

At the markets you can find some specialty foods and knick knacks  like thni kuih (sweet cakes), ang koo (red tortoise buns), mee koo (red-coloured buns), huat kuih (prosperity cakes) and bright pink miniature pagodas.

Sugarcane is everywhere for sale.  I’m told that in the past Perak Road was lined with sugarcane stalks.




photo by: Black_Claw

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Penang street food posts

I announced on social media the news, and now I’m posting it on the blog. Lonely Planet announced that Penang is the #1 food destination. They join CNN travel in stating what we all, those of us who live in Penang, agree as being obvious. Penang does indeed have the best street food. Malaysia - 097 - Penang - dinner at the food courts In honor of this announcement I’m putting out this list of my previous posts about the street food I’ve enjoyed in the past. I’ll write up a few more in the coming week and I’ll finish with my own list of foods you should not miss when you come to Penang. Read more…

photo by: mckaysavage

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Kidland Penang Field Trip

We went to Kidland Penang with a large group of homeschoolers this week.  It was an incredible place for fun, adventure, learning, and fun.  Our community of homeschooling families has periodic opportunities like this.  Interested in joining us some time, like the Living in Penang Facebook page and let me know that you want to be included in the next outing.


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2014 Malaysia Public Holidays

Below is a list of the National and State Public Holidays for 2014. National and Penang Holidays are highlighted. Knowing the public holidays in advance can help you plan your time here or time away.

Date Public Holiday Applies to
01 January New Year’s Day National except Johor, Kedah, Kelantan, Perlis, Terenganu
14 January Mohammed’s birthday National
15 January Yang di-Pertuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan’s Birthday Negeri Sembilan
17 January Thaipusam Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Perak, Penang, Selangor
19 January Sultan of Kedah’s birthday Kedah
31 January Chinese New Year National
01 February Chinese New Year 2nd day National
01 February Federal Territory Day KL, Labuan, Putrajaya
04 March Installation Anniversary of Sultan of Terengganu Terengganu
15 April Declaration of Melaka as Historical City Melaka
18 April Good Friday Sabah, Sarawak
19 April Sultan of Perak’s birthday Perak
26 April Sultan of Terengganu’s birthday Terengganu
01 May Worker’s Day National
07 May Hari Hol Pahang Pahang
13 May Wesak Day National
17 May Tuanku Raja of Perlis’ birthday Perlis
30 May Kaamatan Harvest Festival Labuan, Sabah
31 May Kaamatan Harvest Festival Labuan, Sabah
01 June Gawai Dayak Festival Sarawak
02 June Gawai Dayak Festival Sarawak
05 June Israk and Mukraj Kedah, Negeri Sembilan, Perlis
07 June SPB Yang di Pertuan Agong’s birthday National
29 June Ramadan Begins Johor, Kedah, Melaka
07 July Anniversary of declaraion of Penang as World Heritage Site Penang
12 July Yang di-Pertua of Penang’s Birthday Penang
15 July Hari Nuzul Al-Quran Kelantan, Pahang, Perak, Perlis, Penang, Selangor, Terengganu
28 July Hari Raya Puasa National
29 July Hari Raya Puasa 2nd day National
31 August National Day National
06 September Yang di-Pertua of Sarawak’s birthday Sarawak
16 September Malaysia Day National
11 October Yang di-Pertua of Melaka’s birthday Melaka
05 October Hari Raya Qurban National
06 October Hari Raya Qurban 2nd day Kedah, Kelantan, Perlis, Terengganu
23 October Deepavali (replacement holiday) National execpt Labuan, Sarawak
24 October Sultan of Pahang’s birthday Pahang
25 October Awal Muharram 1435 Hijrah (Islamic New Year) National
12 November Sultan of Kelantan’s birthday Kelantan
22 November Sultan of Johor’s birthday Johor
29 November Hari Hol Almarhum Sultan Iskandar Johor
11 December Sultan of Selangor’s birthday Selangor
25 December Christmas day National

Some dates are subject to change. Replacement holidays are for when the actual holiday lands on a Sunday, the next weekday is given as a replacement holiday.

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2014 Malaysia School Holiday

The Ministry of Education released the 2014 Malaysia School Holiday Calendar.  These should be pretty definitive, but please note that these dates can change.  This list plus the public holidays calendar should help you in your travel planning.

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